Dramatic Lunar Eclipse

times atlas moon2a
I’m going to compare these wonderful details on the surface of this Antique print with the close-up tonight. Why don’t you too ? Save and print. Friends will be impressed with your knowledge of the Moons surface…..I won’t tell. Promise.

So much excitment about the Lunar eclipse this morning in the media, that I needed to stiffle a yawn, thinking it was going to be a big let down,but no, ye of little faith,it was exciting. The weather was a little dodgy to start with, but actually this was a bonus, because it did shield your eyes from the bright sun’s glare ( yeah I know – no goggles ). It suddenly dawned on me as I watched the crescent of the moon gradually work it’s way across the sun, that our small planet was actually in a straight alignment for those few moments. And yes that actually was quite exciting. The sky dimmed and it became quite dull as the eclipse moved further to it’s conclusion, then all returned to normal, and at last we had our planet saving powerhouse back again. Tonight the Moon will be the closest to Earth, so we shall see more details on it’s surface than we normally do. I’m looking out for the ‘Clangers’ They do live there don’t they ?? Watch out for the Soup Dragon…..!